BlackBerry PDF viewer

View PDFs On Your BlackBerry

If you have have ever tried to view a native or saved PDF document on your BlackBerry, you will have found that it was not possible. But with BeamReader you can now view PDFs as both email attachments and documents stored in your phone's memory.

The PDF document will look exactly as it would on a PC, and even contain the original fonts and any images that were contained insdie the file.

And just like on a PC, you can zoom in and out, search for keywords and jump to pages.

File Manager  

BeamReader also acts as a File Manager for your BlackBerry giving you management of all of your downloaded files such as Office Documents, Images and Videos all in one place.

By using the BeamReader File manager, you can also attach files to your outgoing emails*, and create new MS Office Documents such as Word, Excell and PowerPoint

BES Deployment

If you require multiple installations of BeamReader for your workplace then BeamReader can be deployed through the BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). As BeamReader is native to the BlackBerry Device you wont need to install and additional software or hardware on to your enterprise network.

£14.99 Per license


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* Requires BlackBerry OS 4.5 and higher